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Food Service




One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well.” –Virginia Woolf

Edison Local Schools take part in the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs. Every school day, nutritious and tasty meals are served to students throughout the district. Our program encourages students to make good choices in food and physical activity for a healthy lifestyle.

Our program's mission is to complement and support the education environment by providing students with dining experiences in a friendly setting, with timely service, and healthy choices that are prepared and served in a safe manner.

- Ms. Shelly Geason

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Meals, foods and beverages sold or served at schools meet state and federal requirements based on the USDA Dietary Guidelines. All meals, foods and beverages are prepared and served by qualified child nutrition professionals. We provide students with access to a variety of affordable and appealing foods that meet the health and nutrition needs of students.


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Pre-Payment Options
Please take advantage of the options to prepay your student's meal accounts. Prepaid meal accounts help the lunch lines go faster and gives students more time to eat, relax, and play. It also gives you the peace of mind of not having to worry about looking for lunch money every day or worry that it might get lost, stolen or used for something other than lunch.
Meal Payment: Pre-paying helps the students avoid losing their money on the way to school and assures where dollars are spent. Meal payments do not expire and carryover from year to year and school to school. Please contact the cafeteria cashier at your students building should you need specific information or have concerns about their account. You may send a check with your child for any amount. Please write the complete name in the memo area to ensure proper deposit. Separate checks need to be sent for each student unless they are in the same building.
All bank fees for NSF checks will be deducted from the students account along with the amount of the check

Send Check or Cash

You can always bring money personally or send it with your student. Please place it in an envelope marked clearly with your student's name, their ID #, their teacher's name, the $ amount and the check #. Turn in prepaid deposits to the cafeteria cashier(s) or school office.

Online payments are a simple, safe and secure way to make payments to your students account 24 hours a day at your convenience.


Charge Policy:

To ensure that all students have access to healthy school meals and to be good financial stewards, Edison Local Schools institutes a charge policy for the Elementary, Middle and High schools. This policy has as its guiding principle the belief that every student deserves a nutritious breakfast and lunch, but that ultimately it is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to provide one unless the family qualifies for free/reduced program. To that end, our charge policy is as follows:
        *Elementary and Middle School students will be allowed to charge breakfast/lunch meals only to a maximum amount of -$10.00. High School students are allowed a charge of one meal.
* After the maximum amount has been charged, students will no longer be able to receive a full breakfast, and will be offered an alternate lunch consisting of a fruit, a vegetable and a milk at no charge to their account. This will continue until the account is paid to date, or the student has the full price of the meal in cash at the time of purchase.
* To aid in the awareness of account levels, students at the Middle and High school levels are reminded verbally by cashiers when their accounts are becoming low or have reached a negative amount. For parent awareness in all of the school buildings there are several means of contact: student reminder notes are sent home weekly in backpacks, emails are sent twice a week to those parent emails the school has on file, and letters are mailed home weekly to the home address the school has on file. (please note the dates on the notice, as you may have addressed the negative account before the letters arrived) When those means of contact are not resulting in resolving the accounts, the Food Service Director will make personal phone calls home to the phone number the school has on file.
* With any amount of a negative balance on the account, students will be prohibited from purchasing ala carte items, even with cash in hand, until the account moves into a positive status. The only charges allowable on a student lunch account will be limited to a complete school breakfast or lunch.
* A free or reduced meal can only be claimed when the correct reimbursable meal is chosen by the student. All other items that do not constitute a reimbursable meal are charged at ala carte pricing.



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Shelly Geason
Food Service Director
Phone: (419) 499-4652 ext: 1207

Edison High School:
Mary Jane Anderson x1007

Edison Middle School:
Marlene Bryant x1255

Edison Elementary:
Judi Shadwick x1113


Join Our Team!

Be part of your child’s educational environment, see them off to school and be home before they return, have summers, weekend and school holidays off. If this sounds good to you, call Shelly Brisset at 419-499-4652 extension 1004 for an employment packet and become one of our terrific subs!

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Parents are encouraged to prepay for breakfast and lunches.  We offer online payments thru: www.k12paymentcenter.com


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